Social Sharing

Below you will find sample tweets, social media posts, and email language for you to use to lift up the launch of Congresswoman Pressley's Federal Job Guarantee resolution.


  • @AyannaPressley’s Federal #JobGuarantee paves the way for jobs to be created in:
        ➡️  Housing
        ➡️  Education
        ➡️  Child care
        ➡️  Eldercare
        ➡️  Arts & Culture
        ➡️  Community Infrastructure
        ➡️  Environmental preservation

    It would also so ensure that those in our community who already do these jobs are paid a living wage and receive adequate benefits.

  • Every person has a right to work & live with dignity. Every person who wants a job should be able to get a job. There has always been a need for @RepPressley’s Federal #JobGuarantee, but today’s unprecedented crises make it more important than ever before. 
  • A Federal #JobGuarantee is about much more than a job. It’s about providing services that meet the current needs of our community.
    Proud to support @RepPressley’s resolution to establish a legal right to a job.
  • The 1963 March on Washington was a march for Jobs & Freedom.
    Today, @RepPressley builds on Martin & Coretta Scott King’s dream of full employment with her resolution to establish a Federal #JobGuarantee. 
  • A #JobGuarantee is a crucial strategy to advance racial equity and economic security for all. And 93% of Americans support it, making it one of the most popular economic policies. Tell your Rep to support @RepPressley’s resolution today
  • A Federal #JobGuarantee is one of the most powerful tools to address climate change, systemic racism, and extreme economic inequality. Learn more here:
  • “It’s long past time to pursue bold, intentional policies that affirm equity and recognize the dignity and humanity of all people. A federal job guarantee is an important investment in the American people, our communities, and an equitable economy that works for all.” @RepPressley