The Resolution

On February 18, 2021, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley introduced a resolution on the federal government's obligation to create a Federal Job Guarantee to address the compounding effects of systemic racism, economic inequality, and climate change. Anchored in the civil rights movement’s demands for economic rights and full employment, the resolution: 

  • Establishes the right to employment; 
  • Ensures the program creates public jobs with living wages and full benefits on projects that deliver needed physical and care infrastructure to communities; and 
  • Calls for full federal funding. 

The resolution was informed by economists, labor leaders, and job guarantee advocates and endorsed by dozens of organizations and labor unions working for racial, economic, and environmental justice including SEIU, Center for Popular Democracy, People's Action, Community Change, Sunrise Movement, Right to the City Alliance, Greenpeace, NELP, and One Fair Wage. See the full list here and add your organization.